10 highlights to ensure success for Euro 2012

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10 highlights to ensure success for Euro 2012 4
10 highlights to ensure success for Euro 2012 4

Even the draws are exciting

Turning on the TV and yawning because the two teams refused to score was not an uncommon scene in previous Euros.


Euro 2012 has no shortage of stories like `giants` slipping in the group stage, of which the Netherlands is an example.

The Netherlands lost to Denmark in the opening match – the first shock of Euro 2012.

Popularity of the tournament.

In America – a country that counts basketball, football and baseball as the top three sports – football is gaining increasing appeal.

Beautiful goals

Since the beginning of the tournament, fans have witnessed many masterpieces such as Andrea Pirlo’s free kick against Croatia, Pirlo and Di Natale’s combination of penetrating the Spanish defense, or Danny Welbeck’s backheel into the net.

The rise of `underdog` teams

Poland, Ireland, and Sweden were eliminated, but the surprise from the `underdog` teams was not necessarily lost.

Defending champion Spain has a solid reputation

A tournament will lose some of its appeal if the defending champion is eliminated right from the group stage.

There have been no unfortunate incidents from the referee

If the World Cup two years ago was noisy with Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal or referee Howard Webb’s decision to acquit Nigel De Jong in the final, this year’s Euro has not had any unfortunate incidents from the referee.

10 highlights to ensure success for Euro 2012

The determined force has completed its task quite well in the first 22 matches.

Lightning comebacks

The Euro hasn’t ended yet, but fans can already choose the most dramatic matches for themselves.

Weather support

Except for the France – Ukraine match, which was postponed for nearly an hour due to heavy rain, in general the weather in the two co-host countries is favorable to the Euro.

There weren’t many unfortunate incidents

The Euro has passed half the time and one of the great successes is that there have not been many incidents involving fans.

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