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5 delicious soup dishes in Korean meals

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5 delicious soup dishes in Korean meals 0
5 delicious soup dishes in Korean meals 0

Seaweed soup

There is no eye-catching color, but seaweed soup is very special to all Koreans.

Seaweed soup for a special day.

Kimchi cabbage soup

Only kimchi made from Chinese cabbage is used for this most popular daily soup.

Kimchi and cabbage kimchi soup are the most popular dishes in Korean family meals.

Soybean soup

The main ingredients of bean paste are chopped tofu and soy sauce.

A bowl of soy bean soup with main ingredients being soy sauce and tofu.

Bean sprout soup

A bowl of bean sprout soup often has tofu, onions, mushrooms, zucchini and pork along with the bean sprouts.

Bean sprout soup can be cooked with tofu or with cabbage kimchi.

Beef bone soup

Using ribs or beef bones as the main ingredient, the dish is also more elaborately cooked.

A bowl of nutritious and delicious beef bone soup.


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