6 things to limit and do to increase resistance

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6 things to limit and do to increase resistance 3
6 things to limit and do to increase resistance 3

According to WebMD, the immune system helps eliminate bacteria and other agents that harm the body.

In particular, elderly people should not:

Bathing at night: According to the Ha Nam Department of Health, many scientific studies have shown that bathing late at night has many potential health risks.

Bathing at night can increase the risk of stroke, flu, and reduce immunity.

Staying up late: Institute of Applied Medicine sleep analysis helps the body release cytokines.

Drinking a lot of beer and alcoholic beverages: Drinking too much alcohol can weaken the immune system, thereby making it difficult for the body to fight disease or infection.

To improve the immune system, elderly people should drink enough water.

Next, the elderly should avoid eating cold food and drinks.

6 things to limit and do to increase resistance

Elderly people using milk also helps strengthen the body’s resistance.

Finally, elderly people need to pay attention to a diverse and nutritious diet.

In addition, nutrition from milk and products containing colostrum helps the elderly supplement necessary nutrients to help strengthen the immune system and effective resistance.

Värna Colostrum is a nutritional product that supplements colostrum for adults, helping to quickly increase resistance.

Värna Colostrum supplements a dual nutritional system from 24-hour colostrum and Immunel colostrum, which is clinically proven to help increase resistance quickly after only 2 hours.

Note, patients need to use the product under the supervision of medical staff.

This product is not a medicine and is not intended to replace medicine.

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