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A Hanoi mother bought a house and a car thanks to quitting her addiction to excessive spending

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A Hanoi mother bought a house and a car thanks to quitting her addiction to excessive spending 10
A Hanoi mother bought a house and a car thanks to quitting her addiction to excessive spending 10

The sharing below is from mother of one child Linh Bui, 38 years old, a sales manager at an information technology company in Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, about ways to help her `cure` innocent shopping.

I am an insatiable shopper, whenever I have money I buy, never thinking.

Play them​

Online savings are completely ineffective for me because I can still withdraw money whenever I want in just a minute, so I have to apply their way of playing.

The way to play is: Every month, I contribute a sum of money with 4-6 extremely close and trusting sisters and then draw lots to choose the order of who will receive them.

Every month, I play with 4 groups like that and save 10-15 million.

When you get a salary, immediately cut off money for essential expenses

In the past, as long as I had a salary, I spent it. At the end of the month, I felt sad and couldn’t remember what I had spent. But the next month it was still the same.

From the moment I decided to adjust my spending and receive my salary, I immediately cut off the amount of money I needed for hard expenses that I had to spend every month.

In general, I know my problem is that when I see money in my account, I still spend it and buy it, so I force myself to reduce the amount of money in my wallet and account.

Ms. Linh Bui believes that the most important thing to master money is to have a financial goal, from which to be motivated and find effective ways to save.

Buy high-end items

It may sound paradoxical, but for me, saving money to buy good things instead of choosing cheap things is a way to save money.

In the past, I often bought bags for about 200,000-300,000/piece, sometimes buying 5-7 at a time.

Deposit money into savings as soon as you save some money

Previously, I thought that I had to accumulate a large amount of money before it was worth saving.

Review your savings results to gain motivation to continue c

When I go to my mother’s house to visit, I sometimes sit and look at my savings book.

Track spending during the month

Just one month of diligently recording your expenses, you will see surprising results.

Focus on big amounts

I will get a house in the middle of this year.

Limit use of credit cards

I completely cut off a visa card to reduce spending on the card and swipe it carelessly.

However, if you know how to use it skillfully, in some emergency times, a credit card can be a `lifesaver`.

After about 6 months of applying the above savings methods, I am no longer in a state of empty pockets and spending carelessly like before.

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