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American expert: ‘The East Sea will be more tense this year’

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American expert: 'The East Sea will be more tense this year' 0
American expert: 'The East Sea will be more tense this year' 0

China will increase its activities in 2016, making the situation in the East Sea more complicated.

Professor Sheldon Simon, political expert at Arizona State University, USA, talked with VnExpress about the East Sea dispute in 2016.

– China recently tested three consecutive flights to Fiery Cross Rock that they built illegally. What does this reflect, sir?

– Beijing wants countries in the region and the world to start accepting the fact that the artificial islands it built are part of China.

What other activities do you predict China will carry out this year?

– They will increase activities in the East Sea.

Beijing will likely delay sending military assets because it wants to show that it is not trying to provoke conflicts with countries involved in the dispute and that what it is doing is peaceful.

The islands China currently controls do not have enough infrastructure, it will probably take them at least 2-3 more years to build military bases.

These things show that the South China Sea dispute this year will be more tense than in 2015. However, I do not think there will be a conflict to the point of causing damage.

What can the US do in the East Sea this year?

– Washington will continue to send ships to patrol around islands built by China to protect freedom of navigation.

Washington will also condemn China’s efforts to occupy the islands as unjustified, calling on relevant countries to resolve disputes through negotiations.

– How do you evaluate the fact that China is still promoting its plan, despite the efforts of other countries to ensure peace and uphold international law?

– China has ignored the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea even though Vietnam and the Philippines tried to apply it.

However, I see no real change on the ground.

– In what cases will the US intervene resolutely?

– America’s fundamental concern, from its perspective, is freedom of navigation.

– What is your comment on how Vietnam deals with China’s moves in the East Sea?

– I think Vietnam has responded appropriately, most recently to China’s flights at Fiery Cross Reef.

At ASEAN forums, including the Regional Security Forum (ARF) and the Expanded Defense Ministers’ Meeting (ADMM+), Vietnam as well as related countries should continue to promote the establishment of a Code of Conduct (

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