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American newspapers reveal Mr. Trump’s plan to end the war in Ukraine

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American newspapers reveal Mr. Trump's plan to end the war in Ukraine 3
American newspapers reveal Mr. Trump's plan to end the war in Ukraine 3

The Republican presidential candidate has repeatedly stated that he can resolve the Russia-Ukraine conflict within one day after being re-elected, emphasizing that negotiations will be `very simple`.

The Washington Post quoted anonymous sources who discussed with Mr. Trump or his advisers as saying that the former president wanted to urge Ukraine to give up sovereignty over the Crimea peninsula and the Donbass region, including Donetsk and Lugansk provinces.

In closed discussions, Mr. Trump said that both Moscow and Kiev `want to save face and look for a way out,` and believes that people in some war zones do not oppose annexing territory to Russia.

Former President Trump at an event in Florida, USA, on March 6.

Accepting Russia to control the four provinces that the country announced to annex at the end of 2022 will expand President Putin’s power.

`I spent 100% of my discussion time with Trump talking about Ukraine. Putin must pay the price and cannot win in this conflict,` said Senator Lindsey Graham, a close ally of Donald Trump.

Russia annexed the four provinces of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia in October 2022 after referendums, although it did not fully control any areas, then declared the four merged territories protected.

Ukraine and many Western countries do not recognize Russia’s move, saying the referendum is illegal and coercive.

`Exchanging territory for a ceasefire would put Ukraine in a worse position without preventing the risk of re-igniting conflict in the future. This is a very bad deal,` Emma Ashford, researcher at the Center

American newspapers reveal Mr. Trump's plan to end the war in Ukraine

Ukrainian recruits trained in the Donbass region in February. Photo: Washington Post

Mr. Trump’s campaign refused to comment on information published by the Washington Post.

Mr. Trump has never clearly stated a plan for dialogue with the leaders of Russia and Ukraine to end the fighting.

The Kremlin once expressed skepticism about Trump’s statements, saying that the two sides had no contact on this issue and that there was no plan to end the Ukraine conflict within 24 hours as he claimed.

American newspapers reveal Mr. Trump's plan to end the war in Ukraine

Military situation of Russia – Ukraine.

Experts say Ukraine and European countries will likely resist Trump’s efforts to reach an agreement with Russia, emphasizing that Washington currently does not have much leverage to enforce a unilateral agreement.

`The United States has no way to force the Ukrainian leadership to accept giving up territory or to negotiate terms of concessions to Russia, which is tantamount to political suicide. This is a situation where the other side

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