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Arteta: ‘Failure cannot make Arsenal lose themselves’

Arteta: 'Failure cannot make Arsenal lose themselves' 1
Arteta: 'Failure cannot make Arsenal lose themselves' 1

Arsenal is on a series of three defeats in all competitions, losing 0-2 to West Ham and 1-2 to Fulham in the Premier League and Liverpool 0-2 at Emirates home field in the third round of the FA Cup.

Arteta appeared excited during Arsenal’s training days in Dubai, UAE.

`We have to continue with our quality,` Arteta said on January 19 at a press conference before the match against Crystal Palace in round 21 of the Premier League.

In the first ten rounds of the Premier League, Arsenal still played well and scored 23 goals.

Among them, Gabriel Martinelli was the worst when his shot conversion rate into goals decreased from 27.27% last season to 9.09% this season.

However, Arteta believes that the responsibility for scoring goals must be shared by the whole team, like every other stage on the field, from defending throw-ins to set-piece situations.

Arteta: 'Failure cannot make Arsenal lose themselves'

Striker Martinelli practices finishing at Colney training ground, London, England on January 19.

With a two-week break after the match against Liverpool on January 7, Arsenal trained for nearly two weeks in the UAE with warmer climate conditions to improve physical fitness and team cohesion.

`Even though the results were not as expected in the last few matches, we are the club that creates the most opportunities in the tournament,` Arteta added.

Arteta has the utmost respect for Roy Hodgson, 72 years old and the oldest coach in the Premier League.

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