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Beirut residents feel ‘cursed’ after the explosion

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Beirut residents feel 'cursed' after the explosion 1
Beirut residents feel 'cursed' after the explosion 1

As the brown smoke began to clear, apocalyptic piles of rubble appeared across eastern Beirut.

The scene of devastation in the Beirut port area after the explosion on August 4.

Trails of blood flowed from cars and motorbikes carrying injured people to hospitals or medical centers, which just minutes after the explosion had to receive a large number of injured or dead victims.

Ambulances tried to run quickly through jammed intersections, as many people frantically got into their cars to find a way to quickly escape the area where the explosion occurred.

Along the eastern suburbs of Beirut from Ashrafieh to Gemmayze towards the site of the port explosion, the scene of devastation became even more evident.

The explosion caused the structures of many buildings to be destroyed.

Confused men, women and children walked through areas near where the explosion occurred.

The people of Beirut had suffered from war bombs and were familiar with the sounds of explosions, but were still stunned by the destructive power of this explosion.

The economic collapse has pushed this country to the brink of collapse and now there is an explosion with devastation that no one can imagine.

The last time a similar explosion rocked Lebanon was in February 2005, when Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was killed in a car bomb outside a hotel.

More than 15 years later, the verdict for his assassins is expected to be announced in The Hague, Netherlands on August 7.

`There is nothing natural happening here. It could be a message that people should stay away from the incident,` Sobhi Shattar shared while cleaning up the rubble outside the former Nissan executive’s house.

Beirut residents feel 'cursed' after the explosion

Firefighters try to extinguish the fire after an explosion in Beirut on August 4.

People’s attention focused on the cause of the explosion and what type of explosive caused such great destruction.

`The amount of explosives must be extremely large to be able to do this. Something in the port area spontaneously exploded or was attacked,` engineer Riyadh Haddad shared.

Like his neighbors living in Gemmayze, Haddaf has a lot of work to do when it comes to repairing his house.

Initially, Lebanese officials determined that the cause of the explosion was due to a fireworks warehouse catching fire.

Lebanese Interior Minister Mohamed Fehmi later shared on MTV Lebanon that the explosion appeared to come from `large quantities of fertilizer` stored at the port.

However, this statement is still not enough to quell the speculations.

Rumors spread as far as the shockwaves of the explosion and in the evening, General Abbas Ibrahim, in charge of the Lebanese security forces, said that there had been an industrial accident at the warehouse.

However, not many people feel convinced with this information.

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab later confirmed that the explosion was caused by 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer stored for many years at a warehouse near the port in the capital Beirut, and was not related to terrorist activities or terrorism.

At night, Beirut becomes even darker.

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