Binh Minh: ‘I’m tired of being famous’

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Binh Minh: 'I'm tired of being famous' 3
Binh Minh: 'I'm tired of being famous' 3

– How do you feel about accompanying the contestants of the reality show `I am an actor`?

– My role as an MC is not simply to host the program, but also to be there to encourage and cheer on the contestants so they can confidently complete the exam.

In fact, when I first started my career, like you guys now, I was always hungry and willing to sacrifice many things to become famous.

Actor and model Binh Minh (shirt) in the show `I am an actor`.

– What difficulties have you encountered in life when you have become as famous as you are today?

– I can’t live like a normal person.

Many people think that famous people are very different from other people.

– In fact, many famous people still innocently eat snacks on the street and wear simple clothes when appearing in public.

– That’s just a phenomenon that deceives nature.

One time, when I came back from filming, I conveniently wore the tank top of the character sitting nearby eating.

Binh Minh: 'I'm tired of being famous'

MC Binh Minh’s family.

– What do you still have to sacrifice when you become famous?

– You will be caught up in work and contracts.

Currently, I am tired of being famous and really want to return to the life of a normal person to have time to take care of my family.

– What does your words contradict with the fact that you appear in many fields as a model, film, and MC to maintain your name in the hearts of the audience?

– When starting a career, everyone wants to have a certain position in showbiz.

– What do you think about the audience’s reaction to these shares?

– I think these are my very sincere shares.

– How many times have you wanted to quit your job?

– Currently, I have a lot of work.

In addition, it is difficult for you to say no to a work-related proposal because of your previous relationship and respect for each other.

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