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Britain shortens the Covid-19 red list

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Britain shortens the Covid-19 red list 5
Britain shortens the Covid-19 red list 5

On October 7, the British government announced to reduce the number of countries and territories on the red list for travel restrictions to 7 countries, after an assessment of the Covid-19 epidemic situation by the UK government’s Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

Accordingly, 47 countries and territories from October 11 will no longer be subject to restrictions on citizens entering the UK.

The British Foreign Office said `constant progress in vaccination` in the UK and around the world means the government `can confidently shorten the red list to focus on the highest risk countries`.

In addition, from October 11, the UK will recognize vaccination results for passengers entering from about 37 new countries and territories, including Vietnam, Hong Kong, India and Brazil.

Fully vaccinated people in places on the list will be considered UK residents who have completed vaccination.

A British Airways plane takes off at Heathrow airport, London, England in May. Photo: Reuters.

Britain has completed vaccination of about 67% of the population.

In many countries and territories that are making progress on vaccination, such as Europe and the United States, vaccination strategies are gradually expanding to children.

In the US, Pfizer has just proposed to the government to license the use of Covid-19 vaccine for children in the 5-11 year old group.

White House Covid-19 Coordinator Jeffrey Zients expects vaccination of young children in the US to start in November, after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) meets to evaluate it later this month.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is estimated to have the highest vaccination rate in the world with the number of people receiving two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine reaching 86% of the population.

Two Southeast Asian countries are in the group of 10 countries and territories with the highest vaccination rates in the world: Singapore and Cambodia, with the rate of fully vaccinated Covid-19 vaccines being 81% and 68% of the population, respectively.

According to Oxford University’s Our World in Data program, as of October 7, more than 3.63 billion people around the world have been vaccinated with at least one Covid-19 vaccine shot, equivalent to 47.3% of the global population.

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