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Bruno Fernandes – Man Utd’s lifesaver

Bruno Fernandes - Man Utd's lifesaver 2
Bruno Fernandes - Man Utd's lifesaver 2

In Man Utd’s heroic history, there are a total of five Portuguese players with `high quality`.

Bruno Fernandes is the sixth Portuguese player to play for the `Red Devils`.

Fernandes brought vitality and a strong fighting spirit never before seen in midfielders to Man Utd post-Ferguson.

Watching Man Utd flourish since Fernandes arrived, fans couldn’t help but ask themselves: `Why did Man Utd have to wait until the 2020 winter transfer period to recruit midfielder No. 18?`.

But it wasn’t until the `Red Devils` had a midfield crisis with injuries to Paul Pogba and Scott McTominay that Executive Vice President Ed Woodward was determined to bring Fernandes to Old Trafford.

The `Fernandes effect` was quickly shown through Man Utd’s on-field results.

After five matches in the Premier League, Fernandes contributed to five goals (scoring two goals and providing three assists).

His number of scoring opportunities is equal to Kevin De Bruyne and Andrew Robertson (11) and only behind Joao Moutinho (12), Dwight McNeil (13) and James Maddison (16).

Bruno Fernandes - Man Utd's lifesaver

Fernandes received the Premier League Best Player award in February 2020.

Fernandes’ statistics are not only outstanding individually.

ESPN journalist Alejandro Moreno wrote: `Man Utd is a poorly organized team and needs a central point, a player that others can rely on and ask him to show the way. What Bruno did

Fernandes has even changed the culture of Man Utd.

Bruno Fernandes - Man Utd's lifesaver

Fernandes is strongly inspiring his teammates at Man Utd.

And equally important, Fernandes’ appearance awakened Fred’s expensive contract, when the Brazilian player gradually showed why Jose Mourinho once recruited him for nearly 62 million USD.

That fighting spirit is something that a big team like Man Utd had in the Alex Ferguson era and has faded since the legendary Scottish coach retired in 2013. The most typical example is Fernandes’ reaction after

In the post-match interview, Fernandes clearly expressed his dissatisfaction: `We need to be upset with this draw, because clearly we can do a lot better.`

Bruno Fernandes - Man Utd's lifesaver

Fernandes is the puzzle piece that Solskjaer is missing on the path to rebuilding Man Utd.

Man Utd fans did not hesitate to applaud Bruno Fernandes right from his debut match, when he rushed to compete for the ball in a dangerous situation with Joao Moutinho.

Playing football well and full of enthusiasm, Fernandes is exactly what Man Utd fans expect from… Paul Pogba – who returned to Old Trafford for a world record transfer price but has erratic performance.

If Pogba plays on form and finds agreement in the midfield with Fernandes, Man Utd will have a midfield that makes all opponents wary.

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