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Covid-19 cools down in the West, heats up in East Asia

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Covid-19 cools down in the West, heats up in East Asia 5
Covid-19 cools down in the West, heats up in East Asia 5

Globally, there are currently nearly 441 million Covid-19 cases recorded, of which nearly 6 million people have died.

In Europe, the number of new infections per day has more than halved over the past month, from about 1.7 million cases at the end of January, to about 730,000 cases on February 25, according to Reuters.

Over the past three weeks, infections have fallen in most major European countries, with the exception of Iceland, where cases are rising.

Europe has so far recorded a total of over 157 million infections and more than 1.7 million deaths, according to real-time statistics site Worldometers on March 3.

Thanks to high vaccination rates and Omicron strain infections tending to be less severe, a series of countries are eliminating rules considered no longer effective in the fight against the epidemic.

People wearing masks walk on Oxford Street in London, England, at the end of January.

Before the number of infections peaked in Europe in late January, Britain and Switzerland announced they would remove pre-departure Covid-19 testing requirements for fully vaccinated passengers.

The European Union Council on January 25 recommended that member states adopt an `individual-based approach` instead of the previous country-based approach, allowing free travel for those

On February 22, the Council recommended that member states open their doors more widely to travelers from outside the EU provided they have been vaccinated or have recently recovered.

According to Cyrille Cohen, head of the immunotherapy laboratory at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, vaccine regulations are necessary, especially in countries with strained hospital systems, because unvaccinated people may

However, unlike EU recommendations, many European countries have loosened restrictions more.

Some countries, such as Greece, Portugal, Croatia and Denmark, have also relaxed vaccination requirements, although they are limited to visitors from Europe or the Schengen area who have negative test results.

Iceland and Norway last month lifted nearly all travel restrictions related to Covid-19, meaning visitors do not need to undergo tests or vaccinations to enter, although some rules remain in place.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 2 warned that Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine could cause Covid-19 to spread more strongly due to the flow of refugees from Ukraine to neighboring countries,

Covid-19 cools down in the West, heats up in East Asia

Inside a drug store in New York City, USA, February 6.

In the US, Covid-19 infection rates have continued to decline sharply over the past two weeks with the 7-day average falling to about 59,000 cases per day.

This positive signal has prompted the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to relax regulations on wearing masks.

Nationwide, the US reported an average of about 18 cases per 100,000 people over the past two weeks.

The place with the lowest infection rate is Nebraska with 6/100,000 people, followed by Delaware and Maryland with 9/100,000.

The national Covid-19 death rate is down 18% from the seven-day average of more than 2,300 people per day.

US President Joe Biden’s administration yesterday announced a new plan to deal with Covid-19, which provides additional support for schools and businesses to remain open amid the pandemic, cope with and prevent complications.

The White House coordinator said that the US has made significant progress in the fight against Covid-19 since Mr. Biden took office, but more efforts are needed to prepare to deal with any mutations and outbreaks.

Covid-19 cools down in the West, heats up in East Asia

Patients wait in a temporary treatment area outside Caritas Medical Center in Hong Kong on February 26.

In East Asia, Hong Kong is emerging as a regional Covid-19 hotspot.

Infections are increasing in the context of the Hong Kong government resolutely sticking to the `No Covid` strategy like mainland China, with the goal of controlling all outbreaks at any cost.

Public hospitals and morgues in Hong Kong are operating at maximum capacity, as the number of deaths from Covid-19 is recorded at a record high.

Albert Au, a senior official at the Special Zone Health Authority, told the Financial Times that most of the 1,350 spaces at the city’s three public morgues were full.

Hong Kong has a large number of elderly people who have not been vaccinated, although the number of vaccinations has recently increased.

South Korea is also facing a rising wave of Covid-19.

Japan today said it will relax border controls to allow more people to enter, especially students, but will still tighten regulations in some areas, including Tokyo.

Infections in Japan have begun to decrease but still remain at a relatively high level.

February was the deadliest month since the outbreak broke out in Japan, with 4,856 deaths.

In Southeast Asia, Indonesia, the most populous country in the region, is forecast that the country’s daily number of new Covid-19 cases will fall below 5,000 in April because two-thirds of the 34 provinces are reporting a decline in infections.

The chart released by the Ministry of Health on March 2 shows that the Omicron wave peaked with 64,718 cases a day recorded last week, then continuously decreased.

Indonesia plans to allow quarantine-free travel to the island of Bali starting March 14, or sooner, on the condition that visitors are fully vaccinated, tested for Covid-19 upon arrival and tested again.

Singapore’s weekly Covid-19 infection growth rate fell to 0.98 on March 2, falling below one for the first time since January, according to the Ministry of Health.

This rate is calculated based on the number of community infections in Singapore in the past week compared to the previous week.

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