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Culture shock of tourists

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Culture shock of tourists 2
Culture shock of tourists 2

Thousands of travelers have talked about the moments that made them almost cry or the funny, hair-raising situations they encountered while traveling on the Q&A network Quora.

American tourist Daniel Ndukwu once had the opportunity to visit Nigeria and still shudders every time he remembers the habit of people here crossing the street.

Daniel said he witnessed another culture shock in Nigeria.

As for Oman Hedvat, a tourist who once visited Japan admitted he fell into an embarrassing situation when entering a carriage reserved for women on public transport.

American female tourist Lila Adamson encountered another awkward situation because of Dogeza culture (expressing deep apology) when coming to Japan.

When Jacek Karaszewsk arrived in Canada, he was very confused by the overly polite behavior of drivers in this country.

Culture shock of tourists

Bhutanese people believe that the penis shape is a talisman to ward off evil spirits and dispel bad luck, preventing them from entering the house.

Paul Farr once heard about `the concept of time does not exist in Spain`.

Not only in dating, but the opening times of restaurants are also not accurate.

Many tourists coming to America are surprised because the people here are very open.

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