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Decoding how women choose Maserati

Decoding how women choose Maserati 2
Decoding how women choose Maserati 2

Instead of just sitting next to them, modern women confidently hold the steering wheel to drive their own car and create attraction.

These numbers show a new trend in women’s car choices.

Maserati brings special values that make female owners proud to belong to the small group of people with sophisticated aesthetic taste, passion for speed and confidence behind the wheel.

Coming from 100 years of Italian heritage, the car company creates pure luxury DNA.

The distinctive wide car grille shows the internal strength of a high-capacity sports car in addition to its aerodynamic curves.

Sophistication is also created by interiors designed from materials such as wood, leather, and metal.

Decoding how women choose Maserati

Maserati  offers a balance between luxurious sportiness and everyday convenience.

Like choosing an outfit, splendor creates the first impression, but when making decisions, practicality is a factor that cannot be ignored.

The driver-focused design and philosophy of bringing excitement behind the wheel make everyday driving a pleasure.

All seats in the cabin are covered with high-quality leather with full cushions, comfortable backrest design, good support, comfortable and spacious seating space.

One thing that is quite typical of women when choosing a car is that they don’t want to `clash with others`.

In particular, the new Quattroporte model offers decoration packages in two unique styles based on two characteristic qualities: GranLusso (luxury) and GranSport (sport) to optimize customer options to suit their needs.

Decoding how women choose Maserati

If Haute couture is the term for top fashion products, then Maserati is Haute counte in the car world.

The most interesting difference is the engine sound, a unique sound that makes listeners recognize Maserati on the street, even without seeing the car.

This creates strong emotions and a desire for possession in women.

Not simply accompanying women, Maserati is loved because of the way this car company adds values to its owner in addition to its own values.

Customers can register to test drive and experience the Maserati car here or Maserati Showroom – No. 3, Le Duan, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City or Maserati House – No. 18 Le Phung Hieu, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi or phone 0981552255

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