Destinations you never want to visit

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Destinations you never want to visit 3
Destinations you never want to visit 3

There are many destinations in the world that possess picturesque fairyland scenes, but there are also scary places that almost no one dares to visit.

Pacific Ocean Garbage Sea

The Pacific Ocean’s garbage sea is estimated to be larger than the US state of Texas and is home to hundreds of thousands of tons of trash that humans dump into the environment.

Large landfill in the Pacific Ocean.

Izu Island, Japan

Izu is an archipelago of volcanic islands stretching south to southeast of the Izu Peninsula, Honshu, Japan, consisting of two towns and six villages.

In 2005, people returned to the island but the government required them to wear gas masks continuously to prevent a sudden increase in toxic gas levels.

Destinations you never want to visit

People coming to the Izu Islands must wear anti-toxic gas masks

Asbestos Mine, Canada

Asbestos is an expensive compound thanks to its ability to resist fire and absorb sound.

Destinations you never want to visit

Open pit asbestos mine in Canada.

Ramree Island, Myanmar

Ramree in Myanmar is home to thousands of large saltwater crocodiles.

Destinations you never want to visit

Ramree Island – the fear of many people.

Snake Island, Brazil

Iiha da Queimada Grande is a 45-hectare island, located alone in the South Atlantic Ocean, 35 km off the coast of Sao Paulo.

Previously, this island was called Chay Island because fishermen tried to take over the coast by burning the forest and chasing wild animals into the deep forest, but with the presence of countless poisonous snakes, this place is known to

Destinations you never want to visit

Snake Island is one of the places tourists do not want to set foot on.

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