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Di Canio: ‘Lukaku is an idiot’

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Di Canio: 'Lukaku is an idiot' 2
Di Canio: 'Lukaku is an idiot' 2

`I heard about the comparison between Victor Osimhen – Napoli striker, and Lukaku. But Osimhen has a different spirit, he is not an idiot like Lukaku,` Di Canio said on the Sky Calcio Club program after the Chelsea match.

After an impressive start with four goals in four matches, Lukaku failed to score in Chelsea’s first six matches.

Lukaku only shot once and did not hit the target in Chelsea’s match against host Brentford on October 16.

Lukaku is Chelsea’s most expensive contract ($135 million) and receives the highest weekly salary in history ($350,000).

Di Canio, a former striker who scored 47 goals in more than 100 matches for West Ham, compared Lukaku to 36-year-old striker Fernando Llorente.

However, Thomas Tuchel disagreed with Di Canio’s comments.

Previously, Belgian coach Roberto Martinez said that Lukaku needed time to integrate at Chelsea.

Lukaku has the opportunity to fire again when Chelsea and Chelsea take on Swedish club Malmo in round three of Group H of the Champions League on October 20.

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