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Doubts about the peak of the Covid-19 epidemic

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Doubts about the peak of the Covid-19 epidemic 3
Doubts about the peak of the Covid-19 epidemic 3

Hubei province health officials from February 13 applied a new method of counting cases of corona virus infection, causing the number of people infected each day to increase many times compared to before.

US stocks recently hit record levels as Chinese officials focused their efforts on the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic that has ravaged the central part of the country over the past month.

The Hubei government’s new statistical method puts patients with clinical signs, such as X-rays, on the list of people infected with new nCoV, instead of just relying on positive test results for the virus in the room

A woman uses a plastic bag to cover her head to avoid spreading the corona virus, outside a supermarket in Wuhan, Hubei province, China.

On February 12, just a few hours before the Hubei government announced new data, Xinhua announced that the number of new daily infections tended to decrease, from nearly 4,000 on February 4 to more than 2,000 on February 11.

Shortly thereafter, Goldman Sachs Group told clients that `coronavirus is spreading at a slower rate as the number of new infections nationwide gradually declines.`

A spike in new infections a day later threatens to dampen that optimism, though experts are still debating whether it will change the long-term outlook for the stock market.

Goldman, in a statement after the new data was released, said that although the spike in cases does not mean the Covid-19 epidemic is spreading more strongly, it is possible that Hubei or other Chinese localities will

Tran Nhat Tan, a senior law enforcement official in Beijing responsible for monitoring the pneumonia epidemic, admitted earlier this week that Chinese officials currently do not have an accurate estimate of the number of people infected with nCoV in Wuhan, adding

John Nicholls, a virus expert and professor of pathology at the University of Hong Kong, said `the change in statistical criteria does not mean that the number of infections has actually increased`, but instead `creates a large network`.

Of the 242 deaths in Hubei recorded on February 13, up to 135 cases were only clinically diagnosed, while previously no similar deaths were recorded.

However, the Covid-19 epidemic may be more serious than reported data.

Doubts about the peak of the Covid-19 epidemic

Patient infected with nCoV (pink shirt) was taken by medical staff to a temporary hospital in Wuhan, Hubei province.

Initially, health officials in Hubei province only counted infected people after receiving test results.

In a dispatch sent to hospitals across China last week, the National Health Administration updated the diagnostic criteria for Hubei province to separate clinical cases from suspected cases.

Hubei Health Commission said the purpose of changing the statistical method is to help more patients receive treatment, thereby increasing the number of people cured.

Only 20-30% of pneumonia cases test positive, said Tong Zhaohui, a respiratory disease doctor at Chaoyang Hospital in Beijing.

Zhou Yu, 32, a cello teacher in Wuhan, and her parents both tested negative for the virus.

Father Zhou’s chest X-ray showed an infection in one lung, although it could not help determine whether he was infected with the virus or not.

This classification makes it easier for patients to be hospitalized, but it hinders experts’ efforts to accurately determine the scale of the epidemic.

Zeng Guang, a famous epidemiologist collaborating with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, warned on February 12 on his Weibo account that even if the epidemic peaks, it could accelerate.

`What I’m most worried about is that the decreasing trend we’ve seen recently is just infection data that hasn’t been updated, while in reality the trend of infections is increasing due to people returning to work. This will make everyone

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