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Elon Musk revealed a series of ‘trafficking’ messages about Twitter

Elon Musk revealed a series of 'trafficking' messages about Twitter 2
Elon Musk revealed a series of 'trafficking' messages about Twitter 2

According to new documents filed in court in the legal battle between Musk and Twitter, a few days before announcing his intention to buy the social network, the American billionaire texted Jack Dorsey.

`There needs to be a new platform and it can’t be a company. That’s why I left,` Dorsey said in a text message on March 26.

American billionaire Elon Musk in 2018. Photo: Reuters

The American billionaire showed interest in Dorsey’s idea.

The exchange is part of a series of messages published this week, showing a new perspective on the $44 billion deal and Musk’s attempt to withdraw from the contract.

`This is not a good thing and will likely weaken Musk’s legal position. It could cause more difficulties for Musk’s side,` commented Dan Ives, analyst at Wedbush Securities.

Elon Musk plans to confront Twitter in court on October 17-22, in which the social network seeks to force the American billionaire to complete a $44 billion deal after he announced his plan to withdraw from the deal.

Matthew Schettenhelm, senior analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, said that the series of messages reinforced Twitter’s arguments as well as showed `weaknesses` in the American billionaire’s defense efforts.

Musk’s legal team has so far relied on allegations that Twitter intentionally misled the American billionaire and investors about the true number of users on the platform.

In a message with Twitter President Bret Taylor on April 9, the same day Musk announced his plan to acquire the social network, the American billionaire said that it would be difficult to fix Twitter and solve problems with fake accounts if not

`Removing fake accounts will make the numbers look very bad. The restructuring process should be done as a private company,` Musk texted Taylor.

Erik Gordon, a professor at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, said that the fact that the American billionaire was well aware of the bot problem before buying Twitter would make it difficult for him to win in court on the grounds of `being deceived.`

Twitter also suggested that Musk could steal their internal data and create a competing company.

According to Ann Lipton, a law lecturer at Tulane Law School, this could give Twitter a litigation advantage and force Musk to perform the contract.

The messages show that Musk is serious about his intention to buy Twitter, but he is very slow in sharing information with Chairman Taylor and CEO Parag Agrawal.

However, some experts say it is difficult to assess the true impact of these messages.

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