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Epidemiologist: ‘Patient 1342’ lacks awareness of quarantine

Epidemiologist: 'Patient 1342' lacks awareness of quarantine 11
Epidemiologist: 'Patient 1342' lacks awareness of quarantine 11

`Patient 1342`, a Vietnam Airlines flight attendant, infected `patient 1347` during home quarantine.

Mr. Tran Dac Phu, Senior Advisor to the Vietnam Public Health Event Emergency Response Center, commented that the separate quarantine regulations for Vietnam Airlines are `strict`.

According to regulations, flight crew members (flight attendants, technical staff, ground staff, flight coordinators) on passenger flights returning to Vietnam must be quarantined and tested.

If a flight crew member tests negative a second time, they will be allowed to leave the quarantine area and continue to quarantine at home or residence according to instructions from the Ministry of Health until their next international mission.

Mr. Phu believes that it is a violation of regulations for flight attendants to have close contact with friends during the quarantine period and infect others.

`This flight attendant’s awareness of home quarantine is not good,` Mr. Phu said.

On the evening of November 30, a leader of the Vietnam Airline Flight Attendant Union also admitted that the flight attendant `patient 1342` violated quarantine regulations.

Doctor Pham Quang Thai, Deputy Head of the Department of Infectious Disease Control, Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, assessed that this regulation is strict enough and that quarantine is effective in economic development as well as maintaining good operations.

However, `there is still a gap when quarantine people’s awareness is not good`, according to doctor Thai.

`This loophole needs to be tightened with commitments, sanctions, and proactive monitoring of quarantine areas and people quarantined at home, including the role of local management. When all parties play their roles well

Doctor Truong Huu Khanh, Department of Infectious Diseases and Neurology of Children’s Hospital 1, Ho Chi Minh City, said that the lesson from this case is that all parties need to tighten regulations and have a third party control people quarantined at home.

Medical staff take test samples for people.

According to the Guidelines for medical quarantine at home and place of residence to prevent Covid-19 disease, the Ministry of Health, quarantined people must comply with self-isolation at home and place of residence at the prescribed time, preferably

Every day, quarantined people need to limit leaving their private rooms, limit direct contact with family members, places of residence as well as other people;

Family members, workers, and managers of the quarantined person’s residence should limit daily contact with the quarantined person.

On the evening of November 30, the Ministry of Health recorded that `patient 1347`, an English teacher, was infected with nCoV from `patient 1342`.

By the evening of November 30, 192 people had been identified in contact with `patient 1347`, of which 73 people had samples taken for testing, with no results yet.

This morning, officials sealed off some areas where two patients live.

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