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Experts outline conditions for relaxing social distancing in Vietnam

Experts outline conditions for relaxing social distancing in Vietnam 5
Experts outline conditions for relaxing social distancing in Vietnam 5

`When the number of nCoV infections is low and patients recover, Vietnam should reduce social isolation along with health measures to gradually restore the economy,` Professor Le Van Cuong, Paris University of Economics,

As of April 21, the total number of infections in Vietnam was 268, of which 216 have recovered and there have been no deaths.

At the end of March, the Prime Minister of Vietnam requested social distancing nationwide from April 1 to April 15 to prevent Covid-19.

Professor Cuong said that Vietnam has done a good job of quarantining to control infections.

`Vietnam should have social isolation in each area, not on a large scale,` Mr. Cuong said.

Construction workers on Metro line No. 1 Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien, Ho Chi Minh City, lined up to have their body temperature measured on April 13.

Expressing more caution, Dr. Dinh Truong Hinh, who served as Chief Economist of the World Bank (WB) in Washington D.C from 1978 – 2014, said that to determine which activities should be relaxed, Vietnam needs to

`These figures are published by health officials, based on random tests,` said Mr. Hinh, who currently lives in Virginia, USA.

According to Dr. Hinh, countries generally carry out three stages of handling Covid-19.

`To move from phase I to phase II, countries often rely on the number of new infections decreasing continuously for 14 days – the incubation period,` Mr. Hinh said.

Mentioning accompanying measures to reduce social distancing, Professor Cuong said that the government should assign responsibilities to each field.

Professor Cuong proposed that the government should consider businesses that can survive after the epidemic to prioritize support.

According to Dr. Hinh, to reduce social distancing, it is also necessary to increase testing and surveillance, promptly isolate people infected with nCoV, and ensure medical capacity to treat them and their families.

`Vietnam also needs to increase data review to change the opening policy promptly,` Mr. Hinh said.

Dr. Hinh believes that there are two ways to effectively control Covid-19 in phase II.

In phase II, social activities are gradually restored, so businesses and schools are included.

`Covid-19 still needs to be controlled until there is a vaccine to treat it. Therefore, Vietnam needs to cautiously recover economically in the next 12-18 months,` Dr. Hinh recommended.


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