Extra learning ‘compulsory and voluntary’

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Extra learning 'compulsory and voluntary' 10
Extra learning 'compulsory and voluntary' 10

Regarding the current story of teaching and learning, reader Vyvyck08 shares the shortcomings: `In high school, I was a good English student and the homeroom teacher of my class was also a foreign teacher.

NCT readers pointed out another unreasonable aspect in organizing remedial classes: `Even though it is known as a voluntary form, if students do not take extra classes, they will lack knowledge. The paradox is that

>> ‘It’s difficult to get above average Math scores without extra study’

It also took a lot of time to go to extra classes even though he didn’t want to, reader Bored of Studying shared his personal story: `I spent thousands of hours of my childhood on extra lessons, to:

– Don’t be scolded by the teacher.

– Can do the tests that she only teaches in the extra class.

– Everyone signed up for extra classes, so my parents were afraid I would be left behind.

By ninth grade, I lost all passion for studying.

Emphasizing the root cause of the existence of extra classes, reader Cao trieudinh said: `Remedial classes or overcharging at the beginning of the school year are only the tip of the problem. Can anyone answer the question at

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My life is wasted on extra classes

My child got excellent grades in extra classes, not just good grades

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