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Favorite song explains ‘Beauty”s cancellation of messages

Favorite song explains 'Beauty''s cancellation of messages 2
Favorite song explains 'Beauty''s cancellation of messages 2

On the afternoon of November 23, singer Duong Quoc Hung sent an official dispatch to the press expressing his frustration at the organizers suddenly announcing the cancellation of 10,581 voting messages for his song Nhac Nguoi due to 921 texting subscribers.

Regarding this issue, the Organizing Committee of Favorite Song said they did not send the representative of singer Duong Quoc Hung a `Notification of cancellation of 10,581 messages` but a `Message check record` confirming there were 10,581 fake messages.

Singer Duong Quoc Hung.

The program’s representative said that because the number of virtual messages voting for the song Nhan Duc was very large, before processing the remaining messages, they called to discuss with Ms. Vu Thi My Dung, the singer’s representative.

The organizers also said they did not accept singer Duong Quoc Hung’s request to see messages from Tung Duong and M-TP, the two singers in the top 3, because according to the program’s regulations, only singers or representatives of

`To find out whether the voting messages for the song Nhan Beauty are really virtual messages or not, singer Duong Quoc Hung or his representative should come to the Organizing Committee’s office, we will provide a list of voting messages.

The organizers added that they regularly check voting messages for songs in the chart, especially the top songs.

Duong Quoc Hung’s representative company revealed that to check whether the system’s recording of voting messages was accurate, they mobilized about 500 text messages from close friends and lovers of singer Duong.

Responding to this question, the organizers said that when the audience sends a text message to the switchboard, the message will be automatically transferred from the switchboard’s server to the server of the program Favorite Songs and the number of messages will be updated on the website.

`During the two days of November 21-22, there were 871 subscribers sending 4,297 messages for the song Beauty. Among these messages, we cannot determine how many subscribers and messages voted for the song.

Favorite song explains 'Beauty''s cancellation of messages

A representative of Duong Quoc Hung company affirmed that the organizers of Favorite Song sent a cancellation message, not `checking the message`.

Ms. My Dung does not agree with this explanation: `Currently, I have not received a response from the Organizing Committee of the health insurance program. The only thing I have received is a `message cancellation note` sent on January 20.

Duong Quoc Hung’s representative said he agreed to cancel all messages according to the Organizing Committee’s text on the condition that he could check the messages of the two songs in the top 3, The Pieu Scarf and Passing Rain.

According to the regulations of the Organizing Committee of the Favorite Songs program, subscribers who send messages to vote for songs must be real subscribers, active and attached to the user.

`Real subscription` is a subscription that has a user, the SIM must be attached to the phone to listen, call and text.

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