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FDA emergency approval of antibodies to treat Covid-19

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FDA emergency approval of antibodies to treat Covid-19 5
FDA emergency approval of antibodies to treat Covid-19 5

The product, called bamlanivimab, is the first monoclonal antibody licensed on November 9 to treat Covid-19.

`FDA’s decision provides healthcare professionals on the front lines of the epidemic with a potential tool to treat people with Covid-19. We will continue to review new data on the safety and effectiveness of bamlanivimab.`

The FDA’s decision is based on research published in the New England Journal of Medicine in October. Scientists say this method reduces the risk of hospitalization and prevents symptoms in some patients with Covid-19 from

The phase two trial involved 452 volunteers, some of whom received bamlanivimab and others who received placebo.

Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly announced that it has signed a $375 million agreement with the government to produce an additional 300,000 vials of the drug.

Medical staff at Eli Lilly test antibody therapy to prevent Covid-19.

The FDA notes that `emergency approval` (EUA) is different from final approval.

The FDA said people with Covid-19 should be treated with antibodies as soon as possible, immediately after receiving a positive result.

For many months, the medical community has placed hope on monoclonal antibody therapy to treat Covid-19.

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