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Ferguson: ‘I will tell Roy Keane to deal with Vieira’

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Ferguson: 'I will tell Roy Keane to deal with Vieira' 0
Ferguson: 'I will tell Roy Keane to deal with Vieira' 0

Keane (left) and Vieira were rivals when they played in England.

Recently, Vieira has continuously made aggressive statements towards Man Utd – which is the `arch-rival` of both teams he played for in England.

Not long after, the former French international said that Man Utd was often favored by the referee when playing at home at Old Trafford.

Not long after the above comments were broadcast, Vieira asserted that his interview with the BBC had been misunderstood.

When asked if Vieira’s recent moves were psychological warfare because the race between Man Utd and Man City in the Premier League is getting tense, coach Ferguson smiled: `I’m trying to analyze whether it’s true or not.

`Was he paid to say those things? I think so. In fact, he retracted what he said. If he wants, I can bring Roy Keane back and handle the matter.`

Previously, Coach Ferguson admitted that his team was somewhat lucky to avoid a penalty in the match against Fulham.

`Even at Old Trafford, we also had to suffer from stupid decisions,` Ferguson gave evidence of the above match against Newcastle and did not forget to point out that Man City had been favored by the referee many times.

The Scottish strategist also calculated that during the period he led Man Utd, on average this team only received 3.5 penalties per year.

Regarding Vieira’s opinion that Man City deserves to win the championship because they are playing the best football, Coach Ferguson said: `They played great football in the first phase of the season. We used to feel worried.`

Man Utd is at the top of the rankings with 73 points – three points more than Man City.

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