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‘First daughter’ of the Biden family

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'First daughter' of the Biden family 1
'First daughter' of the Biden family 1

Ashley Biden, 39 years old, is the only daughter of Joe and Jill Biden.

Ashley (right) and Joe Biden at an awards ceremony in 2016. Photo: WireImage.

In 1972, Neilia and Naomi died in a car accident, while Joe Biden was preparing for his first term in the Senate.

In 1975, he met Jill and the two began dating.

After Ashley was born, she became very close with her two half-brothers.

Beau died of brain cancer in 2015. He was a lawyer, soldier and politician like his father, once serving as attorney general of Delaware.

The brand’s logo is shaped like a bow, meaning `sometimes we have to be ‘pulled all the way’ to shoot forward. He is my bow. His cancer has brought me down.`

Ashley’s childhood was quite normal.

Social work became her passion.

Ashley Biden served as executive director of the Delaware Justice Center, an organization that conducts research and offers youth crime prevention and intervention programs.

“Every day we do something impactful,” Ashley said in 2017. “Last night, a manager helped someone recently released from prison get a job. She went to pick up her uniform at 9 p.m.

However, Ashley has been involved in a number of scandals.

In 2009, the New York Post reported that a person claiming to be Ashley’s friend contacted the paper to sell a video `showing Ashley snorting cocaine`.

'First daughter' of the Biden family

Ashley and Howard Krein got married in Delaware in 2012. Photo: White House.

Her late brother Beau introduced Ashley to her husband, Howard Krein, in the summer of 2010. The two dated for two years before getting married in Delaware.

Joe Biden is very supportive of their love story.

Krein was born into a Jewish family and is an otolaryngologist and head and neck surgeon.

Unlike Ivanka Trump, 39, who converted to Judaism before marrying her husband Jared Kushner, Ashley remains Catholic and had an audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican in 2016.

That’s not the only difference between Ashley and Ivanka.

In recent months, Ashley has made more appearances, joining her father at events and introducing him at the Democratic convention.

However, Ashley always shows strong support for her father in every appearance.

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