‘First pet’ through American presidents

'First pet' through American presidents 2
'First pet' through American presidents 2

President-elect Joe Biden plans to bring two German shepherd dogs named Champ and Major to the White House after he takes office in January 2021.

Donald Trump is the first US president in more than a hundred years to not have a pet at the White House.

President Barack Obama played football with his dog on the south lawn of the White House in 2009. Photo: Reuters.

`The president’s pets have long been the focus of public attention. Many of the pets living at the presidential palace are species that can easily be kept in normal households,` said social expert.

But many more exotic animals have also been present at the White House.

But in addition to creating a joyful atmosphere and bringing excitement to the presidential residence, many pets in the White House are also known for their political significance.

America’s first president George Washington was an avid animal lover.

President Washington is said to have received a pair of donkeys as a gift from the King of Spain, one died during transportation, the other was named Royal Gift.

Thomas Jefferson, America’s third president, brought some interesting animals to the White House.

`The most memorable were the two little bears he kept in cages at the White House,` Pickens said.

John Quincy Adams, the sixth president of the United States, was famous for his pet alligator, which he kept in the bathtub in the unfinished east room of the White House.

This crocodile was a gift from the nobleman and French army officer Marquis de Lafayette, who fought in the American Revolution (1775-1783).

Adams is not the only president with a special passion for pets.

While he was arranging accommodation for the pair of tiger cubs at the White House, Congress expressed its disapproval of accepting gifts from foreign countries.

But above all, pet dogs at the White House always receive the most love from the public.

The first `First Dog` regularly reported by the press belonged to President Warren G. Harding.

`President Harding even took the time to write letters to children on Laddie’s behalf,` said an article about Laddie published in the Toledo Gazette in 2012.

Laddie Boy began to rarely appear in newspapers after President Harding suddenly fell ill in 1923. Laddie was said to have howled continuously for three days before Harding’s death.

'First pet' through American presidents

President Franklin Roosevelt and his pet dog Fala.

President Franklin Roosevelt’s pet dog Fala, President Lyndon Johnson’s Him and Her, President John F. Kennedy’s Pushinka, President Richart Nixon’s Checkers or President Barack Obama’s Bo and Sunny are also famous pets.

Meanwhile, President Bill Clinton’s pet cat Socks became famous after he took office, receiving thousands of letters from fans and even appearing in newspapers.

When the president adopted a Labrador Retriever named Buddy in 1997, the two animals made headlines for not getting along.

In addition to highlighting the animal-loving aspect of the White House owners’ personalities, pets are also used by US presidents for strategic purposes at many different times.

For example, President Roosevelt’s pet dog Fala even participated in campaigning for his owner.

This Scottish Terrier dog often accompanied Roosevelt, attending important meetings.

Roosevelt defended himself with a thoughtful, emotional speech.

The Fala speech is credited with helping revive Roosevelt’s campaign as he later went on to win an unprecedented fourth term as US president.

'First pet' through American presidents

Biden and his wife with their two pet dogs Champ and Major.

The lack of pets in the White House during Donald Trump’s administration once attracted attention and was seen as a sign of his personality.

`I don’t mind having a dog but I don’t really have time. What would I look like if I walked the dog on the White House lawn?` Trump asked.

Not long after, an article in the Washington Post analyzed Trump’s lack of sympathy for dogs.

Biden bringing his pet dog back to the White House received a lot of positive attention from the American press.

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