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Foreigners fear the unstable situation in Thailand

Foreigners fear the unstable situation in Thailand 0
Foreigners fear the unstable situation in Thailand 0

Part of the scene of the bomb explosion in central Bangkok.

At least 19 people were killed, including one Chinese and one Filipino, after yesterday’s bomb explosion in central Bangkok.

Whoever the perpetrators of the bomb were, they all knew that the explosion would cause casualties for both residents and tourists, and would be a strong blow to Thailand’s struggling economy, of which tourism is one of the victims.

Since 2006, Bangkok has continuously witnessed bloody violence and two military coups.

Erawan Temple is located at the foot of the 5-star Grand Hyatt Erawan hotel and is surrounded by a series of other large hotels and commercial centers that attract tens of thousands of visitors every day.

Late yesterday evening, the elevated walkways connecting shopping centers were almost deserted, and the streets below were filled with police and soldiers on standby.

`The incident makes me very sad because Thai people are very kind and they have to endure loss for no reason,` AFP quoted Michael Williams, a 69-year-old British man who often visits Thailand, as saying.

`This incident won’t stop me from coming to Thailand but I’m sure it will damage the country’s economy because people are afraid to go anywhere,` he added, standing outside a hotel near the fence.


Howard Fenton, a 50-year-old Australian computer programmer, said he was frightened when he saw violence once again recurring on the streets of Bangkok.

`There have been many problems in Thailand over the years,` he said.

The explosion came just hours after new economic data showed the Thai economy slowed in the second quarter, due to falling domestic demand and exports.

Earlier this month, the Thai Tourism Board said the number of tourists arriving in the country in the first 5 months of the year was 12.4 million, up 25% over the same period last year, when Bangkok was engulfed in street protests and protests.

Chinese tourists

Foreigners fear the unstable situation in Thailand

Police search at the Erawan temple, the target of the attack.

Erawan is a famous temple worshiping the Hindu god Brahma but regularly welcomes thousands of Buddhists to visit every day.

Thailand expects the number of Chinese visitors to increase sharply next October during the national holiday, often considered `Golden Week` because of the booming tourism demand of the country’s people.

Immediately after the explosion, Thai Tourism Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul visited Chuala hospital, where many Chinese tourists were being treated.

`We want to make sure there are interpreters because many Chinese people do not speak English,` she said, adding that Chinese-speaking volunteers have been dispatched to the hospital to help.

When asked if the bomb blast would impact tourism, she said `it’s a big concern for us`.

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