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Hanoi FC – Saigon FC: Who should win?

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Hanoi FC - Saigon FC: Who should win? 1
Hanoi FC - Saigon FC: Who should win? 1

If Quang Ninh earns at least one point at Hang Day on November 3, the scenario will be very different.

Defeating Quang Ninh, Viettel (red) has the widest door in the championship race.

Through five consecutive matches, no team has hit goalkeeper Tran Nguyen Manh.

This detail may cause boredom in neutral audiences, but certainly confuses all of Viettel’s opponents.

That solid defense is the headache of the Hanoi FC – Saigon FC match.

The 2012 season also had an ending according to a scenario similar to the current one.

Back to today.

The complicated problem is that, to win the championship, President and Coach Vu Tien Thanh’s team, whether drawing or winning against Hanoi FC, still has to beat Viettel in the final match due to poor scores.

Hanoi FC - Saigon FC: Who should win?

Hanoi (purple shirt) will have to defeat Saigon this afternoon to maintain hope of surpassing Viettel and defending the throne.

But what if Hanoi FC wins the match?

Because Viettel kicked early and won, things became complicated.

In theory, after Hien elected to sell the team to a new group of investors, there would no longer be a relationship between Hanoi and Saigon.

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