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Hoang Hiep – number one loyal musician

Hoang Hiep - number one loyal musician 0
Hoang Hiep - number one loyal musician 0

Musician Hoang Hiep has famous compositions spread across three regions of the country.

Usually, musicians are people whose hearts are easily moved by beauty, so they are fluttered by many ghosts.

In more than 100 of Hoang Hiep’s compositions, the image of a gentle, feminine Vietnamese girl always appears, but they are all variations from the image of the woman who has been by his side all his life.

Hoang Hiep - number one loyal musician

From left: singer Le Thu, musician Hoang Hiep and Trinh Cong Son in 1992. Photo: Duong Minh Long.

In addition to Remembering Hanoi, a composition whose lyrics were written by Hoang Hiep himself with the emotions arising from his love, the musician born in 1931 is known as the person who gives wings to poetry.

In addition to red music, Hoang Hiep also pioneered the direction of love songs.

The program `Hoang Hiep – Where love meets` was held at Ho Chi Minh City Opera House on December 25 with the participation of singers Anh Tuyet, Thanh Thuy, Cao Minh, Duc Tuan… according to the cross-themed theme.

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