Hoc Mon wholesale market will stop trading from tomorrow

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Hoc Mon wholesale market will stop trading from tomorrow 3
Hoc Mon wholesale market will stop trading from tomorrow 3

Hoc Mon District People’s Committee said that the Covid-19 epidemic situation in Hoc Mon district is increasingly complicated.

According to the proposal of the People’s Committee of Xuan Thoi Dong commune and to create conditions for Hoc Mon Agricultural Products Wholesale Market Business Management Company to complete disease prevention plans, this market will temporarily suspend operations.

Specifically, direct delivery gathering activities at Hoc Mon agricultural wholesale market will be temporarily suspended to carry out Covid-19 epidemic prevention from 0:00 on June 28 to 0:00 on July 4.

Hoc Mon wholesale market will stop trading from tomorrow.

In addition to stopping business, the market conducted disinfectant spraying to disinfect the entire market area, and coordinated with the Department of Industry and Trade and the District People’s Committee to propose anti-epidemic plans for many other situations when the market reopens.

Mr. Le Van Tien, Deputy Director of Hoc Mon wholesale market, said that stopping business at a time when there were 19 cases of infection is really necessary for the wholesale market system.

On the last day before stopping operations, the number of goods imported to the market decreased to 1,500 tons, of which nearly 1,200 tons of vegetables, fruits, more than 500 tons of fruit and nearly 300 tons of pork.

Also saying that small traders and breeders should not worry, according to the leader of Dong Nai Livestock Association, traders in Ho Chi Minh City still import pigs from this province and directly call and distribute to small points,

`It is possible that the quantity of goods will decrease by about 20-30% compared to the previous day. However, this situation will gradually be overcome when the Department of Industry and Trade has support plans,` Dong Nai livestock leader said.

Acknowledging that the number of pig orders supplied to Hoc Mon wholesale market decreased by about 17%, Mr. Le Xuan Huy, Deputy General Director of CP Vietnam Livestock Company, said that the decrease in orders is not cause for concern.

Hoc Mon agricultural and food wholesale market is one of the three largest wholesale markets in Ho Chi Minh City.

On June 27, the Chairman of Ward 13 People’s Committee confirmed that Tan Binh District People’s Committee decided to stop operating Hoang Hoa Tham market due to a suspected case of Covid-19 infection near the market until further notice.

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