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Hope from Covid-19 vaccine injection

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Hope from Covid-19 vaccine injection 6
Hope from Covid-19 vaccine injection 6

It’s an Uber driver being released from the hospital after being on a ventilator, a dying father saying goodbye to his two college-aged daughters via video;

`So I’m emotional today. You’re still in the fight, but you’re starting to see the horizon,` said the doctor who works at Sanford Health.

The vaccination drive began on December 14, opening a complex national campaign.

Even though they lined up for their first injections, cheered and joked with colleagues, they still reflected on the tiring days they had gone through in the nightmare called Covid-19.

`This is for those who have passed away, even those who are still struggling at death’s door,` said Mona Moghareh, a 30-year-old pharmacist in New Orleans, while receiving her first vaccine shot at Ochsner Medical Center.

Across the United States, hospital auditoriums and conference houses have become temporary vaccination sites.

Dr. Rishi Seth received the Covid-19 vaccine in Fargo, North Dakota.

In Fargo, North Dakota, 155 doctors and nurses who regularly contact people with Covid-19 filled a renovated veterans’ room.

The injection is finished in a few seconds.

`There’s hope,` said Kenzie Frankl, clinical care team leader at Sanford Health Hospital in Fargo.

The number of cases in North Dakota gradually decreased in early fall.

`I can almost cry right now. I feel like this is not just a vaccine, it’s also hope. Hope that the terrible pandemic we all have to go through will end. On the front lines,

Some patients have to take sedatives and lie prone to breathe better.

The doctor had to wear a protective suit for 12 hours, worried that this patient might take a turn for the worse while treating someone else.

`They were consumed by what they saw at work,` said Maggie Hansen, director of nursing at Memorial Healthcare System in South Florida. `Imagine doing everything you can to reduce

Hope from Covid-19 vaccine injection

Medical staff at Sanford Health Hospital line up to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

Ms. Hansen describes her 5,000 employees as resilient but physically and mentally exhausted by the pandemic.

In the parking lot of a pharmacy in Miramar, the first doses of vaccine were delivered and doctors and nurses quickly participated in vaccination.

In Columbus, Ohio, Dr. Mark Conroy, 41, medical director of the Ohio State University Hospital emergency department, was one of the first to get vaccinated.

`It’s been 10 long months of working, protecting myself and my patients, and having the opportunity to ensure a little more safety means a lot,` he said.

Mr. Conroy used to be overwhelmed with worries about keeping himself healthy so as not to spread the disease to his family.

Hope from Covid-19 vaccine injection

Medical staff at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center treat OHIO after vaccination.

`We are still researching this vaccine and the human body’s reaction to it. So I will not let myself get sick at any cost,` he said.

Like her colleagues, Dr. Yvonne Bieg-Cordova, director of radiology at Christus St.

Cordova was vaccinated on December 14, a bright moment after a long and gloomy year.

It will be several months before the US distributes enough vaccines for all citizens.

`I definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel,` she said.

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