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How Atletico dropped the C1 Cup in 7 seconds

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How Atletico dropped the C1 Cup in 7 seconds 1
How Atletico dropped the C1 Cup in 7 seconds 1

Atletico Madrid and Bayern Munich had to play two finals in the 1973-1974 season.

Reina fell too slowly before Schwarzenbeck’s equalizing shot.

When the first match entered extra time, neither team had scored a goal.

The audience might not have seen a goal until the end of the match if Atletico had not been awarded a free kick to the left of the edge of the penalty area in the 114th minute. Midfielder Luis Aragones (who later coached Spain

Nothing would be worth mentioning if it weren’t for a sudden change at the last minute.

`It was not anyone’s fault. It was a pity because we thought the C1 Cup was in our hands,` Atletico defender Jose Luis Capon recalled about the defeat.

Atlético coach Juan Carlos Lorenzo thought differently and quickly blamed goalkeeper Reina.

How Atletico dropped the C1 Cup in 7 seconds

Beckenbauer lifted the C1 Cup in 1974 after winning 4-0 in the replayed final.

According to Lorenzo, no one found Reina in Atlético’s dressing room after the first final;

Unable to take advantage of valuable opportunities in the first match, Atletico had to taste bitter consequences in the replay three days later.

40 years after the stumble in Heysel (Belgium), Atletico has the opportunity to lift the C1 Cup/Champions League again.

This time Atletico’s opponent in the final seems to be even stronger than the `grey tiger` of the past.

* Video of the first final match in 1974.

* Video of the final replay.

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