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How Medvedev counters Djokovic

How Medvedev counters Djokovic 1
How Medvedev counters Djokovic 1

`Daniil Medvedev played like Novak Djokovic usually does in finals. And Novak looked like Daniil in previous finals,` Canadian newspaper The Globe commented after the US Open final in which Medvedev defeated his senior 6-4, 6.

Medvedev played the best final of his career, with only one loss of a service game.

On hard courts, Medvedev is stubborn, completely different from the Australian Open final at the beginning of the year.

Even Medvedev’s second serve maintained a high speed, sometimes more than 200 km/h.

Djokovic has always broken his opponent’s game within the first two games of the second set, in the previous six consecutive matches.

How Medvedev counters Djokovic

Medvedev served the second serve 38 times and scored 22 points, not once did the ball fall into the T-shaped corner of Deuce Court.

`Against a player who serves as well as Medvedev, you will be under great pressure when it’s your turn to serve,` Djokovic expressed.

Another difference with Medvedev is the return position.

How Medvedev counters Djokovic

Medvedev’s first serve return position is nearly five meters below the baseline.

According to statistics from Hawkeye, half of the scores in the final match were in balls with less than four racket touches.

A third of Medvedev’s shots in the final were made two meters below the baseline.

Djokovic went to the net about eight times per set, in the first five matches of the US Open.

How Medvedev counters Djokovic

More than a third of the points Medvedev scored at the US Open came from tenacious defense.

With nearly five more hours of competition on the way to the final, Djokovic does not seem to be as physically fit as Medvedev.

But the psychology of competition has a more negative impact on Djokovic.

While Djokovic sobbed after game nine of the third set, Medvedev sat a few meters away eating energy gel with a calm expression.

`One Grand Slam has not brought Medvedev to the level of great tennis players. But a victory over Djokovic in the final will help the Russian tennis player be more confident in his playing style and bravery in the next Grand Slams`, Indian Express

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