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How Mel B spent her $50 million fortune

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How Mel B spent her $50 million fortune 2
How Mel B spent her $50 million fortune 2

On July 1, Mel B’s legal representative presented at the Los Angeles Superior Court that she was broke after many years of spending without knowing when to stop.

According to The Sun, Mel B spends money faster than she earns.

Mel B owns many expensive cars.

In 2013, Mel B ordered a seven-seat Cadillac Escalade ESV worth $260,000 (VND 5.9 billion), customized with bomb- and bullet-proof armor and capable of delivering electric shock to those who approach the handle.

The 42-year-old singer then also ordered a Range Rover and a Mercedes Benz S-Class, both of which have the same value as the previous seven-seat car.

In addition to cars, Mel B also especially likes shopping for diamonds and expensive jewelry.

How Mel B spent her $50 million fortune

Expensive diamond watches and jewelry were shown off by Mel B on the red carpet.

The former Spice Girls singer also has a hobby of collecting handbags.

Family trips also cost Mel B huge sums of money.

In a 2014 radio show, Mel B revealed that she gave her husband a private island in Virginia, USA on the occasion of Stephen Belafonte’s birthday, `so the family can have time to relax there` – as she said.

* Mel B sings `For Once In My Life`

How Mel B spent her $50 million fortune

Mel B – For Once In My Life

Like many stars in Hollywood, Mel B has to spend a large amount of her income to pay staff around the `machine` to maintain her reputation.

The noisy divorces also caused Mel B’s fortune to decrease significantly.

How Mel B spent her $50 million fortune

Mel B and her husband travel with designer bags.

While living with Stephen Belafonte, Mel B also spent a lot of money investing in her husband’s career, who was an unknown filmmaker.

* Mel B and her husband in a reality TV show

How Mel B spent her $50 million fortune

How Mel B spent her $50 million fortune

Stephen Belafonte is asking Mel B for post-divorce benefits, but the singer refuses and proves she is broke in court on July 1 in Los Angeles, USA.

The Sun’s source said that Mel B currently has just over 1,000 USD left in her bank account.

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