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How to isolate to avoid spreading the disease

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How to isolate to avoid spreading the disease 6
How to isolate to avoid spreading the disease 6

According to regulations of the Ministry of Health, effective from December 16, 2021, people entering the country must have a negative PCR test result within 72 hours (except children under two years old);

People who have received a full dose of Covid-19 vaccine or have recovered from F0 must self-monitor their health at their place of residence for the first three days (not subject to centralized quarantine), must not come into contact with people around them, and must not leave the house.

Those entering the country who have not been vaccinated or have not received enough doses will be quarantined at their place of residence for 7 days from the date of entry;

While self-monitoring their health, they need to comply with 5K (wear a mask – declare health care – disinfect hands regularly – do not go to crowded places – do not gather).

According to Dr. Nguyen Minh Tien (Deputy Director of the City Children’s Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City), the current regulations have been carefully considered and relaxed by the Ministry of Health, to be more suitable with practice and disease progression.

In the case of a woman who entered the country and had contact with the first three community cases of Omicron in Ho Chi Minh City, the Department of Health believes that this person followed the regulations in the first three days after entering the country, but then violated the regulations.

Passengers at Tan Son Nhat airport lined up to prepare to take Covid-19 test samples in May 2021.

Prevent infecting others

Dr. Tien analyzed that the general infection cycle of Covid-19 is 14 days, the Omicron strain has a shorter incubation and transmission period, only 2-5 days.

`Having a negative result is not necessarily safe. People entering the country should think that they are still in the high-risk group of becoming a source of infection, to raise their awareness of epidemic prevention, instead of waiting for the authorities and local authorities.`

Associate Professor Do Van Dung (Dean of the Faculty of Community Health, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy) said that in reality it is very difficult to prevent Covid-19 at 100%, it can only be reduced to a minimum level.

Experts recommend that before entering the country, people need to arrange a plan for self-isolation and health monitoring, such as preparing a separate quarantine room if sharing a house with others;

If you need to travel during this time, try to take your own car, avoid flying or taking buses because these are closed spaces, use air conditioning, and the risk of infection is high.

You should proactively declare your health daily so that the authorities can understand and have an early treatment plan.

On the morning of January 24, Ho Chi Minh City recorded 3 more community Omicron cases related to the previous cluster of mutated cases;

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