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If motorbikes are banned, buses will develop

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If motorbikes are banned, buses will develop 15
If motorbikes are banned, buses will develop 15

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Talking about the failure of buses in Vietnam to develop, reader Khoa Dang said that the main reason is because the number of motorbikes is too large and the ideology of favoring personal vehicles:

`The reasons why people do not take the bus can be listed as follows:

– Vietnam’s roads have too many small alleys. To get from the alley house to the main road to catch the bus, many people sometimes have to go kilometers to find the nearest bus stop.

– Similarly, to get to the destination, many people sometimes have to take several buses and walk a short distance.

– The bus service culture of the driver and bus assistant is very impolite, picking up and dropping off passengers as if they were hitchhiking rather than serving those who are paying to use the service.

– Buses do not operate 24/7, so sometimes in the afternoon, if you want to go here or there to shop or visit friends, it will be very inconvenient, because if you leave too late, your trip will be over.

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In short, in Vietnam, people only use buses when the starting and ending points are close to the station, and do not have to transfer through many routes.

In Vietnam, developing public vehicles is extremely difficult.

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Sharing the same opinion, reader Nghia emphasized the solution to limit personal motorbikes to develop buses and public transport:

`If we keep falling into the vicious cycle of ‘because the buses are bad, I ride a motorbike, then because there are too many motorbikes, the buses are even worse and cannot develop’, then in a thousand years Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will still have traffic jams.

Everyone must sacrifice personal interests, so that when the bus and train systems operate smoothly and conveniently, everyone benefits.

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