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iPhone 5 – ‘the smartphone most people want to own’

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iPhone 5 - 'the smartphone most people want to own' 1
iPhone 5 - 'the smartphone most people want to own' 1

Apple gave the iPhone 5 to a number of reputable American journalists last week for them to use and feel in detail.

iPhone 5 (right) compared with iPhone 4S.

Among the journalists chosen by Apple is Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal.

Mossberg affirmed that the iPhone 5 is easier to hold and easier to operate on the screen than any product from major competitors.

Technology journalist David Pogue of The New York Times also did not hide his admiration for the iPhone 5. If Mossberg used the word gorgeous, Pogue chose the word fantastic when talking about the new device.

iPhone 5 - 'the smartphone most people want to own'

iPhone 5 is praised for its design, screen, thinness, camera and speed.

`A company known for its meticulous attention to detail in both hardware and software has delivered a product that is coherent and premium in design. iPhone 5, white or black, is beautiful.

The long screen helps create an additional line of icons on the Home screen, message content is displayed more, the keyboard is wider when rotated horizontally… but many people may not realize the big difference compared to the iPhone.

Sharing this opinion, CNet’s Scott Stein said: `It’s hard to find a part that hasn’t been changed from the iPhone 4S. Apple completely rebuilt the iPhone 5 but still feels familiar.`

iPhone 5 - 'the smartphone most people want to own'

iPhone 5 is praised more than Lumia (left) and Galaxy S III (right).

Stein affirms that this is the model that users have been waiting for since 2010: larger screen, LTE connection and ultra-thin design.

When reading reviews, many people exclaimed that `iPhone 5 is the smartphone that has received the most positive comments ever`, more than other competitors and more than previous iPhone generations.

If the above list is not enough, you can read TechCrunch’s review in which expert MG Siegler fondly said `iPhone shines in every aspect that you can feel` and `really believe this is the version

iPhone 5 - 'the smartphone most people want to own'

iPhone 5 is super light in weight.

The outstanding features that make the iPhone 5 praised are first and foremost the `wind-fast` LTE mobile connection according to MG Siegler, while Mossberg even said that the product is `dozens of times faster than the iPhone 4S`.

Most experts see nothing worth complaining about the iPhone 5. But to show objectivity, there are still criticisms for features that are difficult to please everyone: Siri – recognition and interaction software

The new connection port is the only thing The New York Times’ Pogue is harsh on.

iPhone 5 - 'the smartphone most people want to own'

The new connection port is more compact.

The rare criticism has made users (already excited when helping Apple set a record of 2 million orders in the first day) even more excited about the device that TechCrunch concluded was `almost a smartphone`.

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Photo: CNet

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