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Is Adrien Rabiot suitable for Man Utd?

Is Adrien Rabiot suitable for Man Utd? 2
Is Adrien Rabiot suitable for Man Utd? 2

Before the opening match of the Premier League against Brighton last week, coach Erik ten Hag confidently said that he was satisfied with Man Utd’s transfer period and affirmed that he would only sign `suitable players` for the remainder, when

Therefore, after more than two months of pursuing De Jong without results, Man Utd turned to recruiting Rabiot.

Rabiot played for Juventus in Serie A last season.

Rabiot’s problem?

At that time, Rabiot was sought after by Bayern and Barca, but chose Juventus.

Attitude and discipline in training and competition are big problems for Rabiot.

In the stands, Pogba’s family sparked up a reaction to Rabiot’s mistakes in the match.

Where will Rabiot fit in at Man Utd?

In the opening Premier League match lost to Brighton, Fred was used in a deep position, while Scott McTominay often advanced.

Rabiot used to take on both of these roles for Juventus, PSG and France, but had difficulty finding the most suitable position.

Is Adrien Rabiot suitable for Man Utd?

Rabiot disputes the ball with a Chelsea player in the Champions League.

European football expert Kevin Hatchard is not sure where Rabiot would best fit into Ten Hag’s system, but believes the French midfielder would be an improvement over the options the Dutch coach currently has.

Rabiot’s strengths.

Next, the defensive parameters show that Rabiot will bring stability to Man Utd in the transition from attack to defense.

However, Rabiot does not top any key passing parameters when compared to the current Man Utd midfielder.

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