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Is Iran `imitating` the US’s maximum pressure strategy?

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Is Iran `imitating` the US's maximum pressure strategy? 0
Is Iran `imitating` the US's maximum pressure strategy? 0

(Dan Tri) – Observers say that the Iran issue is currently considered the thorniest challenge to the foreign policy that US President Donald Trump’s administration has implemented over the past two years.

The attack on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman continues to escalate tensions in the Middle East (Photo: BBC)

On June 17, the Iranian military warned that it could block the oil transport route through the Strait of Hormuz.

In the context that the US is focusing all accusations on Iran in the attack on two oil ships in the Gulf of Oman, observers say that Tehran is becoming the biggest challenge to the Trump administration in the past 2 and a half years.

Since taking power in 2017, Mr. Trump has applied a foreign policy based on the warning doctrine, and suddenly reversed traditional US strategies over many years.

However, according to National Interest, not all US strategies follow what Washington expects.

In recent times, tensions between the two countries have escalated continuously with a series of accusations made by both sides against each other.

The June 13 attack on two oil tankers is said to have pushed tensions to a climax.

The problem is that Iran is said to have planned to `circumvent` this US doctrine even before the attack took place in the Gulf of Oman.

On June 10, Iran announced that it would participate in the meeting on June 14 in Kyrgyzstan of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), a group of eight countries and Iran acting as an observer.

At these events, Iran met with leaders from Russia, the US, Türkiye and a number of major countries in the Middle East.

In addition, Iran’s actions show that Tehran seems to believe that the US will not `mobilize troops` at least for now.

In addition, Iran also warned about not complying with some commitments in the JCPOA.

When the US called countries in the region, such as Iraq, to share their opinions on the two oil tankers incident, Iran seemed to have considered beyond the Middle East.

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According to National Interest

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