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Juventus player shot straight into his own net

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Juventus player shot straight into his own net 3
Juventus player shot straight into his own net 3

In the fifth minute of injury time of the second half, when leading 2-3 and trying to organize an attack to regain a point, Juventus received a free kick near the corner in their own half.

Under pressure from the Sassuolo player, the 1998-born defender passed with one touch, straight into the home team’s empty goal while teammate Szczesny had not yet retreated.

The own goal helped Sassuolo increase the score to 4-2, and extinguished Juventus’s hopes of earning points and the opportunity to take the lead.

Gatti bowed his head in disappointment after scoring an own goal in the Sassuolo – Juventus match on the evening of September 23.

Before Gatti’s own goal, the two teams had an exciting chase.

Sassuolo opened the scoring in the 12th minute. Armand Lauriente curled a shot from outside the penalty area, causing the ball to bounce off goalkeeper Szczesny’s hand, bounce to the ground and enter the goal.

Juventus soon brought the match back to balance, but Sassuolo still played more flexibly.

Juventus player shot straight into his own net

Berardi (yellow shirt, right) celebrates scoring against Juventus.

After the break, Juventus improved their attack ability.

However, on a bad day, Juventus’ efforts up front could not make up for the mistakes downfield.

In the match of the same round, Milan won against Verona with Rafael Leao’s only goal.

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