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‘Medical school tuition of nearly 100 million VND is not expensive’

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'Medical school tuition of nearly 100 million VND is not expensive' 21
'Medical school tuition of nearly 100 million VND is not expensive' 21

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Recently, there has been quite a stir in society about the skyrocketing tuition fees of Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

First, I want to talk about the time it takes to train medical students.

At this time, medical staff will practice their chosen specialty, with the amount of lecture theory not yet applied in practice.

I started studying medicine about 20 years ago.

Occasionally, I also receive a scholarship when I achieve good results (about 120,000 – 180,000 VND/month).

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The cost of training a medical doctor is very expensive.

Most medical school lecturers do not receive salaries worthy of what they put in.

To gain enough knowledge for independent treatment, an equally valuable teacher is the patient.

So the question is, why is the tuition fee of approximately 100 million VND per year considered unreasonable?

Medical doctors are well-trained, but after graduating, many new doctors still cannot find a job.

In fact, we also see a number of famous doctors, working at large hospitals and having a desirable source of income.

We see that the tuition fee of 100 million is high simply because other medical schools have tuition fees that are still low, the input quality is not the same but the level of job competition is almost the same.

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Another reason we see high tuition fees is because we are comparing with other majors such as economics, foreign trade, information technology, international schools… In these majors, the tuition fees are similar but the time is high.

Currently, our medical degrees are not internationally recognized.

Finally, we see high tuition fees because the training time is too long, that tuition is only for 6 years of general medicine.

I think that medical training is a special branch, so medical staff must be treated specially.

Previously, I chose medicine because I studied block B. At that time, there were only two choices: Medicine and Biotechnology.

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