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Minister of Health: ‘Block Covid-19 to celebrate a peaceful Tet’

Minister of Health: 'Block Covid-19 to celebrate a peaceful Tet' 5
Minister of Health: 'Block Covid-19 to celebrate a peaceful Tet' 5

Speaking at an online conference with 63 provinces and cities responding to World Day of Disease Prevention and Control on December 27, on the morning of December 23.

Previously, the United Nations General Assembly chose December 27 as World Disease Prevention Day.

Mr. Long commented that Vietnam has basically controlled the epidemic so far.

Vietnam has so far sequenced genes on all samples, especially in Europe and in countries with this variant, to see the possibility of transmission or invasion.

`However, that does not mean we should be negligent in epidemic prevention, we need to strengthen and be more drastic,` Mr. Long emphasized.

Minister Nguyen Thanh Long chaired the online conference on World Disease Prevention Day, on the morning of December 23.

Emphasizing four anti-epidemic contents that must be urgently implemented from now until the end of the year, the Minister said to continue to strengthen strict management of people entering the country, including legal and illegal entries.

`Every day there are about 100-150 cases of illegal entry at the border. That is very worrying,` Mr. Long said.

Mr. Long also asked localities to thoroughly strengthen quarantine management of people entering the country legally.

In addition, at this time, many respiratory diseases have similar symptoms to Covid-19, so all people showing signs of respiratory illness when entering the hospital need to be tested for nCoV.

Mr. Long advised the health sector of the provinces to prepare for bad situations `because we do not know where and when Covid-19 will suddenly appear`.

`Vietnam continues to mobilize the community to prevent epidemics, recommending people to implement the 5K message. For medical facilities, from now until the end of the year, it is necessary to make this a central priority, making epidemic prevention

The 5K message is Mask – Disinfection – Distance – No contact – Medical declaration.

Speed up testing of Covid-19 vaccine in Vietnam

Vietnam officially conducts clinical trials of Nanogen’s NanoCovax vaccine.

Currently, there is no vaccine in the world that has proven to be effective in long-term protection, including vaccines approved by the US such as Pfizer and Moderna.

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