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More than 8.9 million people are infected with nCoV globally

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More than 8.9 million people are infected with nCoV globally 1
More than 8.9 million people are infected with nCoV globally 1

213 countries and territories recorded 8,900,233 infections and 466,115 deaths due to nCoV, an increase of 164,243 and 4,593 respectively compared to yesterday.

Medical staff take patient samples in Lima, Peru on June 15.

The US, the world’s largest epidemic region, reported 2,328,690 infections and 121,953 deaths, an increase of 31,500 and 546 cases respectively in the past 24 hours.

Experts fear that President Donald Trump’s campaign plan, along with the wave of anti-racism protests, risk making the epidemic situation worse.

Brazil, the world’s second largest epidemic area, reported an additional 29,011 cases of infection and 886 deaths, bringing the total to 1,067,579 and 49,976, respectively.

Researchers express concern that the actual number of deaths from Covid-19 in Brazil is being covered up, based on a lack of testing, and a spike in excess deaths, or excess deaths.

Pressure from President Bolsonaro and public frustration after months of `social distancing` have prompted governors and mayors to lift restrictions on trade and other economic activity.

Similar to Brazil, the epidemic situation in other Latin American countries has not cooled down.

Mexico reported 170,485 cases and 20,394 deaths, an increase of 5,030 and 647, respectively. Some industries in the country have resumed operations, while the northern border with the US will be closed until at least July 21

Russia, the third largest epidemic region in the world, reported 161 more deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to 8,002.

Russia said that although the epidemic situation has cooled down and the number of new infections per day is gradually decreasing after reaching a record high of 11,656 on May 11, they are preparing to deal with the scenario of a new wave of infections breaking out in

Britain reported an additional 1,295 cases and 128 deaths, bringing the total to 303,110 and 42,589 respectively.

The country is proceeding with a cautious reopening.

Spain recorded an additional 363 cases and seven deaths, bringing the total to 293,018 and 28,322, respectively.

Health Minister Salvador Illa said all passengers in this country will have their body temperature measured, report information on whether they have ever been infected with nCoV and their whereabouts in Spain.

Italy recorded an additional 264 cases of infection and 49 deaths, bringing the total to 238,275 and 34,610 respectively.

Germany reported another 556 cases and one death, bringing the total to 191,216 and 8,961, respectively.

However, an outbreak at a slaughterhouse in North Rhine-Westphalia is raising concerns that a new blockade is needed.

In the Middle East, Iran recorded an additional 2,322 cases of infection, bringing the total to 202,584, of which 9,507 died, an increase of 115 cases compared to the previous day.

Iran’s Health Ministry spokeswoman Sima Sadat Lari warned that the numbers could get even worse if people refuse to stay home during the upcoming holiday.

Saudi Arabia recorded an additional 3,941 cases and 46 deaths, bringing the total to 154,233 and 1,230, respectively.

In South Asia, India is the world’s fourth largest epidemic region with 411,727 infections and 13,277 deaths, an increase of 15,915 and 307 respectively. The Indian health system is also preparing to face seasonal diseases such as

China reported 26 new infections, one less than the previous day, of which 22 were in Beijing.

Beijing raised the alert level back to level two, the second highest level in the four-level emergency response system, and re-imposed many restrictions on people.

Indonesia, the largest epidemic area in Southeast Asia, recorded 45,029 infections and 2,429 deaths, an increase of 1,226 and 56 respectively. Schools closed until July 13, restaurants and bars stopped operating, only stores

Singapore recorded 41,833 cases of infection, an increase of 218, of which 26 died.

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and East Timor are countries in the region that have not recorded deaths from nCoV.

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