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Mr. Donald Trump broke his promise, America bogged down in Syria?

Mr. Donald Trump broke his promise, America bogged down in Syria? 1
Mr. Donald Trump broke his promise, America bogged down in Syria? 1

When running for office, Donald Trump said he would let Russia fight IS, but now, the US is deeply intervening and bogged down in the Middle East.

The National Interest magazine recently commented that the US is bogged down in the Syrian conflict, causing this Middle Eastern country to suffer serious consequences without any benefits.

The US F/A-18E took down the Syrian Su-22 while Russian aircraft were present

On Sunday, the US shot down a Syrian fighter jet over the country’s southwest.

The Russian Ministry of Defense then warned that US and coalition aircraft `were detected west of the Euphrates River`.

This is the latest in a series of recent attacks by US forces against pro-Syrian government forces.

The author of this article believes that US President Donald Trump has never been an international relations expert, but during the 2016 US presidential campaign, Mr. Trump attracted attention for having a fairly healthy foreign policy perspective.

Mr. Trump once said that the United States should avoid participating in a senseless war in the Middle East and leave it to Russia.

In September 2015, in a 50-minute speech at the Oklahoma State Fair Center, Mr. Trump said: `Russia wants to start World War III in Syria and wants to fight ISIS? We want that too,

This politician emphasized that he did not want to send troops to fight in Syria.

But until now, since taking office, Mr. Trump has continued to introduce deeper intervention programs in the conflict in Syria.

The National Interest magazine said that Mr. Trump has quickly become `a prisoner of foreign policy`.

The American magazine said that the prospect of Mr. Trump participating in `a civil war with many fighting groups would not be good in any case`.

The magazine also stated that Washington has no vital interests in Syria and the US cannot establish any stability in the country.

Is America or Russia bogged down in Syria?

The American magazine’s comments evoked an article in early June by Warisboring newspaper claiming that Russia was bogged down in Syria.

It has been more than a year and 7 months since the Russian military intervened in the war in Syria.

Relying on air power, Russia helped the Syrian regime recover, carry out attacks and reclaim a large portion of territory.

However, the West said that it was just a diversionary action, both times were just normal military rotation activities.

Accordingly, the newspaper quoted Mr. Neil Hauer, an expert on Russia-Syria relations at SecDev, stating that the figures of Russian soldiers deployed in Syria are reaching their peak.

Mr. Donald Trump broke his promise, America bogged down in Syria?

Russian soldiers’ deployment in Syria is at its peak.

The number of Russian soldiers and pilots in Syria is nearly 10,000 people, including about 5,000 employees at Hmeimim air base, 2,500 Wagner mercenaries and 1,000 military police of North Caucasus origin.

Russia also has many political considerations behind these proposed “safe zones,” which are expected to be partly guarded by Russian or Chechen military police, Mr. Hauer added.

On May 18, 2017, US warplanes attacked Iranian-backed paramilitary forces, which were attempting to reach and attack fighters of the Free Syrian Army (

“Problems with allies have forced Russia to deploy additional ground forces to ensure that they achieve their objectives in key areas, and Chechen military police are going to Syria to deal with them.

Mr. Hauer said: `Even though Russia does not need to conduct large-scale military operations, I still think Russia will send more ground troops, possibly Chechen special forces and Wagner mercenaries, because Russia

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