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Nikkei: ‘Apple will try to produce Airpod headphones in Vietnam’

Nikkei: 'Apple will try to produce Airpod headphones in Vietnam' 2
Nikkei: 'Apple will try to produce Airpod headphones in Vietnam' 2

Nikkei’s source said that Apple is preparing to test produce a line of wireless headphones (Airpod) in Vietnam in the context that the company wants to accelerate its plan to diversify where it produces consumer electronics instead of just making

Accordingly, GoerTek – one of Apple’s important manufacturing partners in China will begin testing transferring the latest generation Airpod production process to an audio factory of the company in Northern Vietnam.

Airpods are currently only produced in China.

Apple has sent letters to suppliers requesting support for GoerTek even though the initial workload is very small.

Initial output will be limited but capacity can be easily increased once the entire process runs smoothly, the person added.

This move will likely mark the first time Airpods will be manufactured outside of China.

The strong growth potential of the wireless headphone industry provides an opportunity for Apple to accelerate production diversification without cutting production in China.

However, recently, China’s declining birth rate, rising labor costs, and prolonged trade tensions with the US have forced Apple to reconsider its dependence on factories in this country.

According to Nikkei, Vietnam has emerged as a strong alternative, with advantages in logistics and high-skilled but cheap labor.

However, he also warned that Vietnam may be overloaded or soon lack labor as well as increase production costs when many businesses plan to move here.

Airpod is currently the best-selling wireless headset in the world, accounting for 60% of the market share and opened a new field of consumer electronics when first launched in late 2016. Samsung, Huawei and traditional audio companies such as

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