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Nutrients protect the ‘second brain’

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Nutrients protect the 'second brain' 2
Nutrients protect the 'second brain' 2

Research by Professor John Furness and Marcello Costa (Flinders University of Medicine, Australia) has identified about two dozen brain-like neurons in the human intestinal tract.

The `second brain`, in addition to `processing food` to feed the body, is also responsible for being the command center for basic human emotions such as anger, happiness, excitement, and sadness.

The digestive system helps people feel what is going on

in the body.

Besides the neurological aspect of the digestive system, the intestinal microbiota is also increasingly important for human health.

New research results on the digestive nervous system and intestinal bacteria bring hope that there will be many important applications in therapy, especially in terms of non-drug therapy.

Live probiotics Probiotics are recognized by scientists around the world for their ability to regulate immune responses, reduce the number of harmful bacteria, help strengthen the immune system, and improve the effectiveness of treating gastrointestinal diseases.

Some types of yogurt are supplemented with live probiotics, Probiotics, which will help provide billions of beneficial bacteria to the intestines, helping to protect and strengthen the digestive system against the effects of an unscientific diet and

In addition, according to a recent announcement by researchers at the University of California, live probiotics contained in yogurt also have a positive impact on your brain function and emotions.

A healthy digestive system requires 85% good bacteria and 15% harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract.

On the market today, Vinamilk Probi yogurt is a product that applies scientific research achievements between Vinamilk and Chris Hansen International Group (Denmark), supplemented with billions of live probiotics Probiotics L.Casei 431, helping


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