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‘Oppenheimer’ – World War II through Nolan’s perspective

'Oppenheimer' - World War II through Nolan's perspective 1
'Oppenheimer' - World War II through Nolan's perspective 1

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Trailer ‘Oppenheimer’

Trailer for the movie `Oppenheimer`.

Based on the 2005 biography American Prometheus by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin, the film revolves around J. Robert Oppenheimer (played by Cillian Murphy), who is considered the `father` of the atomic bomb.

'Oppenheimer' - World War II through Nolan's perspective

Actor Cillian Murphy plays the `father` of the atomic bomb – Oppenheimer.

When mentioning Oppenheimer, many people immediately think of the atomic bomb – the most destructive weapon since World War II.

The director brings a multi-dimensional perspective on war, science as well as delving deeply into the psychology of controversial figures in human history.

Oppenheimer has two parallel story lines throughout the three-hour length.

The character Oppenheimer had a complicated life.

The joys, sorrows and sorrows in Oppenheimer’s life were brought to the screen by Christopher Nolan through the acting of actor Cillian Murphy – who played a supporting role in Nolan’s blockbuster Inception in 2010. From his youthful enthusiasm for science,

Right from the first minutes, the film brings a thick and compressed atmosphere, as if a bomb is waiting to explode and no one knows when that moment will come.

Oppenheimer can be considered Christopher Nolan’s work with the most `massive` character system, with at least more than 30 characters playing important roles and appearing one after another alongside the main character Oppenheimer.

'Oppenheimer' - World War II through Nolan's perspective

Robert Downey Jr. impresses as Lewis Strauss in the story about the hearing, which is told in black and white.

There are a few stars, some who have a lot of acting space, but they all leave their own mark.

Many early predictions on film websites say that Cillian Murphy is a candidate for the male lead award, while Emily Blunt and Robert Downey Jr. could be the best female and male supporting actors of next year’s film awards season.

It’s a film about the father of the atomic bomb, but Christopher Nolan delves more deeply into the psychological changes after the bomb exploded, thereby realizing the sadness of war.

Is it joy, or sadness?

Christopher Nolan chose an objective storytelling style for Oppenheimer with a cool head, because science will never stop being created.

As the 12th film in the career of famous director Christopher Nolan, Oppenheimer is also the work with the longest duration (180 minutes), continuing the World War II theme from Dunkirk (2017).

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