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Plan to conquer Mau Son in winter

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Plan to conquer Mau Son in winter 4
Plan to conquer Mau Son in winter 4

About 190 km north of Hanoi, Mau Son Mountain is known as a resort since the French colonial period with dozens of ancient houses now abandoned.

Below are some suggestions if you want to explore this land during the upcoming winter holidays.


The Mau Son mountain region has a climate with two distinct seasons.

Snow and ice in Mau Son in 2013. Photo: Hoang Ha.


You can travel by bus from Hanoi to Lang Son (Luong Yen bus station, Gia Lam, price 80,000 – 120,000 VND) then rent a motorbike in Lang Son city to travel to Mau Son.

Guest house

There are many hotels here for you to choose from, meeting the needs of individual groups to large groups, priced at only about 150,000-200,000 VND, depending on single or double room.

The blankets and mats here will always have a musty smell.

Plan to conquer Mau Son in winter

The beauty of Mau Son mountain.

Sight seeing

Abandoned houses on Mau Son peak: With an altitude of more than 1,000 m above sea level, completely separate from residential areas, the beauty here is full of wild, ancient and mysterious features.

Long Dau Stream: This is a fairly large stream, about 10 km long, originating from the Mau Son mountain range (over 1,000 m altitude) flowing in a North-South direction through slopes or old forests of Lap Pia village to the terrain.

Visit the Dao village: Mau Son mountain area is the residence of the Dao, Nung, and Tay ethnic groups.

Plan to conquer Mau Son in winter

Ethnic people’s houses are scattered at the foot of the mountain.

Mau Son ancient sacred area: This place is located at an altitude of 1,190 m above sea level, distributed on a steep mountainside in the Mau Son range.

Phat Chi Mountain (also known as Phat Chi): One of three fairly large mountains in the southwest mountain range of Mau Son mountain range, Phat Chi has an average altitude of about 1,000 m above sea level.

Eat and drink

Mau Son is famous for products such as six-spur chicken, roasted suckling pig with honey, roasted duck pho, wild lemon, frogs, wine, bell peaches, medicinal bath services of the Dao people… You can book the

Plan to conquer Mau Son in winter

Roast duck pho, a famous Lang Son specialty.


– You should call to book a room and food before arriving so you don’t have to wait long.

– In addition to the usual medicines you need to bring such as flu, fever, cough, etc., you need to prepare a few ginger tea bags to drink hot in the early morning to help stabilize your body temperature.

Reference schedule:

Day 1: From Hanoi, take Highway 4 to Lang Son, you can take advantage of visiting some tourist attractions in Lang Son first.

Day 2: Stroll around Mau Son, visit Dao villages on the way down the mountain such as Khuoi Cap, Khuoi Tang, walk around Long Dau stream, visit Phat Chi mountain and Mau Son ancient spiritual land.

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