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Plan to develop tourism from ruins in Ba Vi

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Plan to develop tourism from ruins in Ba Vi 3
Plan to develop tourism from ruins in Ba Vi 3

On September 9, the seminar `Promoting the value of ruins in Ba Vi National Park` was organized by the Vietnam Association of Architects and Melia Hotels International group.

According to historian Duong Trung Quoc, resolving the issue between conservation and development or reasonable exploitation of Ba Vi’s potential is a difficult problem.

After assessing the current status of ruins in Ba Vi National Park, the Vietnam Association of Architects proposed 5 exploitation principles: Preserving the original state of old French architecture;

Remains of an ancient French church in Ba Vi National Park.

Accompanying the above principles are examples of world-famous historical works that both preserve values ​​and develop tourism and culture such as the Reichstag building (Germany), the ancient city of Ephesus (Turkey),

Mr. Alvaro Paredes (Spain), architect of DesignLab, the design unit of Melia Ba Vi mountain resort, said: `Today active reuse is considered a strategy to protect historical relics.

Member of the National Cultural Heritage Council, Associate Professor – Dr. Dang Van Bai, said: `Preserving cultural heritage must serve sustainable development goals. Heritage comes from the past but must be associated with

Mr. Bai suggested that the area at the foot of the mountain could develop mass tourism products, and higher up should experience and explore high-end eco-tourism.

Sharing the same opinion as above, architect Le Thanh Vinh, former director of the Institute of Monuments Conservation, said that the French laid the foundation for the formation of large urban areas and towns or resorts in our country.

He added that a data center for information about the National Park, ruins, etc. should be built into a place to store, continue to collect, and display for tourists and researchers a comprehensive view before continuing.

Plan to develop tourism from ruins in Ba Vi

A building of the Melia Ba Vi mountain resort reconstructed on the ruins of the foundation and walls.

Mr. Nguyen Tan Van, Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Architects, also supports the right and sustainable development of Ba Vi with 4 elements: Appropriate and timely management and development policies;

Plan to develop tourism from ruins in Ba Vi

The 10,814-hectare Ba Vi National Park is a precious natural resource and has great historical value, 60 km west of Hanoi.

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