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President Obama’s 9 rules for raising children

President Obama's 9 rules for raising children 2
President Obama's 9 rules for raising children 2

During his years in office, former US President Barack Obama was not only a powerful leader but also a devoted father to his two daughters Sasha and Malia.

Obama believes that whether or not children can develop into outstanding talents is closely related to their parents’ education.

Former US President Barack Obama has two daughters, Sasha and Malia.

1. Don’t complain and argue unreasonably

According to the president, a good person cannot complain about life, friends and family, because that is a terribly dark emotion.

2. The bed must be placed neatly

Making your bed neatly is respecting yourself.

3. You have to do your own things yourself

For example, when you wake up and have to dress yourself, these are basic independent actions that children need to perform.

4. Keep the toy area clean

Keeping the place where toys are kept clean is a sign of children’s sense of responsibility.

5. Help your parents do housework and pay 1 USD per week

Letting children do housework and giving rewards helps them learn the spirit of `Only effort is rewarded.`

6. Holidays and birthdays are celebrated in a compact way

Through the media, children always expect grand parties on major holidays such as New Year or birthdays.

7. Turn off the lights and go to bed before 9:30 p.m

Not only does sleep properly follow the body’s biological rhythm, but it also brings many health benefits.

8. Participate in extracurricular activities after school

Participating in extracurricular activities helps children relax after regular school hours.

9. Do not idolize `showbiz stars`

Must have a firm belief in life, not blindly worship or pursue or admire showbiz idols.

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